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OPUS 101 is a London-based music preparation company, dedicated to helping you realise the full potential of your music. Whether your score is destined for the big screen, the small screen or the concert hall, we offer a full range of services to help bring your music to life:

➢ Orchestration & Arranging

➢ Music Engraving

➢ Copying & Parts Preparation

➢ Score Editing

➢ Audio Transcription

➢ Proofreading

➢ ... and More

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We specialise in high-quality orchestration for film, television, games and the concert hall. With a wealth of experience in getting the best out of orchestras, we can elaborate your music to suit whatever ensemble, style or mood your project demands. You can hear some demos of our work on this page.

We are happy to work with music at any stage of completion, from handwritten sketches to MIDI files to completed work that just need a little editing. Get in touch using the button below for a quote.


We also produce creative arrangements and transcriptions of existing music. We are happy to rewrite music for any instrument or ensemble, from wind quintets to school bands. Our particular speciality is piano reductions, which can be aimed at beginner players all the way up to professional level.

Music samples

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We take great pride in the high standard of our music engraving work, and have provided engraving services to some of the world's leading music publishers. Working in Sibelius, we produce professional-quality scores in our own clean and elegant house style, or in the house style of your publisher.

We can either transcribe your handwritten score, or use Sibelius or MusicXML files as a starting point. Rates vary by project size, but whether you need a piano miniature or a 500-page orchestral score, we will be able to provide competitively-priced service without any compromise on quality. Samples of our work can be downloaded below.

Copying & Parts Preparation

For session work and one-off performances, we also offer a music copying service. Depending on your time and budget, we can take care of note entry, score tidying, rehearsal marks and time stamps, part extraction, writing in cues and proofreading. We can also arrange to have scores and parts printed and bound.


Score Editing

If your music cue needs to be cut down to size, extended a few more beats, or combined with another cue, we have the experience to seamlessly rework your music until it fits perfectly into place.

Audio Transcription

We can make highly accurate transcriptions of recorded music, including large orchestral works, and prepare them for live performance.


Send us your finished score and our experienced engravers will inspect it for errors and inconsistencies. We can either highlight any issues, or make editorial changes directly to a file sent to us in Sibelius format.

... and More

If you have some specific requirement relating to your score that isn't mentioned here, let us know and we'll do our best to help you out.

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